Saturday, 30 June 2018


The capacity to learn is a gift; The ability to learn is a skill; The willingness to learn is a choice.”   

                 Brian Herbert

Krissh , 26 ,  a school teacher , was thinking to give up on his life!!
One evening after completing his school duties , he went to near by lake, to take final call on his life . Losing father at young age of 17 and subsequent responsibilities of family income made him give up on his dream of becoming doctor and had to go with less respectful ( that's what he thought), but easy and secured income generating government job of primary school teacher ...Since last 5 years he was doing this job with bitter taste of life. He didn't had many friends because he was not comfortable to share his agony with anyone, as most people would either easily judge him or give him lecture about morality and karma kind of things ..

Before 2 years, when he had marriage proposal , which his mother selected , the girl rejected him by saying that his looks and personality are ordinary . Again this gave a fatal blow to his self confidence. Since that incident he stopped interacting  with his colleagues too.
Meaninglessness and hopelessness were his constant companions , he didn't know what to do with his long pending life. He was shouting from inside, someone please release me from this prison..

"Only you can break this prison, my son "
Someone put a hand on his shoulder. Krishh turned back to the man , who had long beard, almost bald  with few white hairs, an  old man stood smiling at him..

Yes, who you are ? Did you just say something??

I said.. Only you can break this prison .

Did you read my mind, asked Krishh with shocking expression.

No.. I just heard your thoughts.

How come  you do that? Who are you ? What you want from me?

I will tell you all answers if you walk with me on lake side..

Krishh agreed and both started to walk by lake side .

Myself Mohan, 64 ,retired bank manager. I stay nearby this lake in a small house, enjoying best time of my life. What else do  you want to know?

How can you hear someone's thoughts? Where is your family?

Just like any other skill, one can learn this skill too. In my family I have one son and daughter, both settled in united states,and  I lost my wife 6 years ago. So, since then,  I am living all alone.

Sorry to hear this mr Mohan . I can understand how it feels when we lose our loved ones.

Well, Krishh, no need to feel sorry, as It was not surprize for me to lose my wife. I was ready for  losses in life. People or things come and go, Just like  breeze..

That's easy to say, Mr mohan, at this age, but your response would be different  if you would have lost someone at young age like me..

Oh, then you must be valuing people more than anything else , isn't it .?

Of course..

Then, when did you last talk with your mother with a smile on your face? Have you been  able to overcome grief of your father's death? Did you realise that you have one mother who lost her husband too! Truth  is,  we only value people or things when we lose them or when we need them badly for our own benefits.

Mr. Mohan, you have no idea what I have gone through in life, so plz don't judge me.

I  am not judging you  young man!! I know  you have lost your father in an accident at 17 and you had to choose a  different career path.. And after that,you played  that accident in your mind again and again for last 9 years, and didn't even  notice any other gift of life.

Mr Mohan, when you get rejected by a girl based on look, then you find that just because of your profession , people don't like you and there is no end to misery of life .Life has been so rude with me

Krissh,   have you noticed, one of your colleague  is constantly trying  to talk to you and you avoid her because of so called misery of life... Isn't that being rude to her?

What we forget constantly is that people reject or accept us based on their worldview and expectations, it has nothing to do with who we are.

One two or even 100 rejections can not define you, unless you are willing to be defined by that .

Hmmm, I got your point mr Mohan ,but still, I am not getting the point of living life with so much of unpredictability and miseries .What exactly Life wants me to do?

My son, life doesn't want anything from you , It is you who want something from Life and by not receiving it , creating unnecessary troubles for yourself and people around you .

STILL , if i have to tell you in one word , what life wants us to do , is  to LEARN  ..

LEARN?? What is there to learn in life , Mr Mohan ? Everything is visible and open , isnt it?

Really ? That is the attitude of closed minded people. You better avoid it ..once you allow your natural inborn curiosity to develop and become student of life , you will fall in love with life and all miseries of yours will become lessons for you and other people.

do you know the art of communication ?
do you know how we  humans evolved ?
do you know how to avoid overthinking ?
do you know how to predict future health problems and  avoid them ?

There are so many skills to learn and with those skills we can make life  less painful, Healthy and celebrating .

But the problem  with our society is,

Nobody teaches us, that for Learning what we need is not a Degree or Money but Willingness and Curiosity ....and learning gives us the  fruits in so many ways ...

Good news is you can pass your knowledge and experiences to next generation ...

Krishh  :   But Mr MOHAN ..Life is so vast.. How will I adapt to it..?

That's beauty my son...Life is so vast... You can learn infinite  things.. Still life will have much to teach you ..

Can't you see krishh... People come and go.... Without our control....what we can do is create moments with them... Many of them....




Keep yourself Busy in Learning things...

Right then Krishh, your long pending life is like an empty canvas ,waiting for you to fill colors in it ..


  1. Very insightful:)

    Learning is a Part and parcel of Selfdevelopment,which should be embraced and inculcated On a daily basis✌🏻

    Nice storyboarding sir✌

  2. The concept is good, trying to leave a message through a story, but the story itself is a bit vague. The last thing a person who is fed up of life needs is a philosophical lecture. I would become more depressed on listening to Mohan bhai if I was in Krish's place. Maybe even angry and tell him to mind his own business. He gives too much bookish Gyan that has no practical value for a depressed guy. Mohan bhai has probably read too many books but hasn't grasped much useful things from them :)

    1. Thanks for your feedback .. But i dont think so it was philosophical lecture.. Human brain wants to make sense of personal loss ..
      Anyway, eager to know your take on what you would have said to krishh..

    2. I am not qualified enough to give any advice. But my human mind has never tried to make sense of gain or loss, or anything else. This 'making sense' is a fiction invented by so called self help and motivational gurus to keep their business going. There is no need to make sense of everything. I can only say this much, out of my personal experience. Stories like these create more problems rather than providing solutions. They make the mind more muddled than clearing it. If you have a clear mind, you will stop looking for sense.

  3. Excellent article Sameer. A very important life lesson to learn - we learn after we experience it. We could benefit a lot & save ourselves precious time by going through such articles. It takes a lot of efforts ,courage & fight to get rid of 'bad instances ' & move on without revisiting them. Time is a great healer. Nevertheless quite important to learn this precious lesson.Thanks for sharing. Keep up the good work. Cheers

  4. Very nice.. inspiring.. specially for person like me..who is always full of so many questions about life , situations and so on...
    Really writing part is too good


    2. Gud one.
      Story is the best way to convey as there is no fingure pointing or direct updesh iny view. People extract their own gyan without feeling offended or without ego coming in between.