Monday, 15 October 2018


Raise your hand if you believe in existence of GOD ?

Well, till the age of 27 ,my BRAIN was completely occupied with this belief that some higher power exists in sky which runs the world , which do justice according to people's deeds and who maintain  order in the world.

In 2014 ,one day suddenly my mind started asking questions on existence of that divine power ..

1.if there is GOD /DIVINE ,why so much crime in the world , specially terrorist can kill innocent children and any  man can rape innocent girl and go unpunished .

2. If he doesn’t exist ,then what is the meaning of this life ?

3.What should be the aspirations  in our life  money ,power or knowledge ?

And this intense pressure of inquiry was making me insane , I  had to find the answers to make myself feel sane .I had no idea from where will  I get all answers  and whom to ask , because my rational/egoistic   brain was not ready to bow down to  some GURU /MASTER .

So i started looking in to the books .

I was introduced  to spiritual book  BHAGAVAD GITA in childhood ,thanks to my  mother's devotional nature , so I read GITA  more than 100 times in span of 6 months ,but still not satisfied with all the answers .

Then to maintain balance of materialistic things I turned to modern day motivational and inspirational  books …..I read most of the  bestseller books .

few examples 
power of subconscious mind 
power of positive thinking 
power of thinking big
power of now 
awaken the giant within and many more

then,  Somehow I got to know about OSHO RAJNISH ,spiritual master … I read more than 10 books  of him and heard  more than 200 audio discourses..

after this my 80 percent doubts get  solved 

Still ,my 20 percent questions were present 

Then in 2015 came one book ,by Devdutt Pattnaik ,retelling of Bhagavad Gita

I preordered this book…

and I read this book in one shot within 2 days .

and I felt I received something which can help me to remain sane and able to give answers of all my questions related to world and divine .

So after reading many self help books , I can say that best ,which I have read is this book MY GITA 

let me share ,few main queries which I had .

          CRIME AND GOD

basic emotions which exists in all humans is fear and hunger
food and protection is  our basic need.

but we don’t trust other humans ,so humans in their imagination created god ,who validates them ,the way they are .so,god is just the product of human imagination ... Be aware of your idea of God .

crime was always there in the world ,because people with animal nature can become violent anytime .
one should remain very alert to protect oneself from many human animals out there .


only humans seek meaning because that makes us validated and relevant through suffering .
human brain has special power to give meaning to anything.
inherently life has no meaning .
If you enjoy anything ,you will not ask for meaning , when you are in difficult situation in life ,you will try your best to make sense of life /that situation.

  Aspirations of life 

food ..survival ..self protection...
Body's basic needs .

once body's need gets fulfilled ,needs of brain takes the charge 
so we chase fame ,significance ,validation and much more 

based on one's nature people were classified into four groups in ancient INDIA 

4 varnas

kshatriya ..physically strong , protect society
brahmin ..intellectually strong ,instructs and guides society
vaishya ..who are good at trade
shudras ….people who are emotional , serve the society ..

no matter what qualities one have, all types of people are needed in culture/society .

To summarize this quest ,I can say my mind exposed to many things in last 4 years which I was not aware about earlier ,and getting MY GITA  as a self-help book , I am more aware about each moment whenever I feel anxious ,frustrated or excited .

AND this book brings  immediate tranquility to my brain which helps me to keep going on with life .


  1. Very Insightful and Resourceful sir.
    You always add a Fresh and new flavour to all the pieces of writing.

    Keep the momentum sir
    Keep writing and inspiring sir����

  2. Just got the book... looking forward to read