Thursday, 24 January 2019

#feeling Blue ... Try present Moment glue #

Hey there!
wherever you are ,you and me are connected with one of the dimension of life ,that is Time ,

On many occasions , Sadness, feeling of no control over life situations ,Emptiness ,Void come into our brain , we feel helpless and time seems to freeze.

But in those moments of blues , I remind myself all the happy things exist around me , my wife , my kid.
Me with BLESSINGS of My Life 

I try to divert my focus from past unfulfillment and future anxiety  to present moment.
I divide big tasks into small goals .
I divert my attention to body sensations.
I try to convince myself that we live one day at a time ,so don't take much stress/burden of whole world onto your tiny shoulders .

You are enough the way you are  , life is not about perfection .it's about progressive discovery of yourself .

Enjoy your journey ,don't take pressure /burden of Outcomes /Achievements
Recently I realize that we put lot of criterias in our brain to feel happiness ...
Its absolutely normal  to be average .less successful ,less fame ,less money ..

More important is How you feel about yourself .

This Life  journey has many twists and turns , Be a Witness ,Express your Feelings  wherever necessary and Enjoy this phenomenon called Life ....

To overcome feelings of blues .... dive deep and get glued to Present Moment ...

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