Saturday, 3 March 2018

Are you an OriGinal or IMITATIVE Personality ?

Being unique is better than being perfect

Originality is really important as it allows you to find something new from life which was unexplored.

                                                        This blogging thing is great ...

                                  It's been less than 30 hours and I am writing 3rd blog ..

I had no idea after my first blog what I was going to write in my second blog , and suddenly in the morning I felt tremendous emotional turmoil which led me to write that second blog about where to draw line between being social and original  person to keep our-self happy and healthy .

After that I got feedback from one of my student ( I am a teacher too,by passion ) about how to remain original .I had an instant answer ,but I thought this  complex question  requires elaborated answer ..

                                           so here is My ORIGINAL view on being Original.

                                     To Be Original means (my perspective )

1.Accepting one's nature as it is .

Here I am talking about various kinds of behavior ..If someone is shy..that is fine ..
Someone is extrovert that is fine ..someone is ambitious .that's fine ..someone is fearful and hesitant to take risky decision ..that's completely all right ..someone is aggressive and dominating ,that's is too super fine .

Now don't directly jump onto the conclusion by putting instinctive judgmental quality of human brain  at work..

These  different qualities are there in most people in more or less amount .
Every quality has its own advantage at certain situations and drawbacks as well.

But by taking birth with one quality at higher percentage and continuously denying it ,just because majority people are not supporting it..well that is not good way to live .

Having   human brain ,we can learn to transform those qualities for sure .We can adjust level of them according to situation, that's also fine .

But just because someone is giving you label of shy and introvert in a negative way ,should not create a turmoil in your being .

The moment you accept yourself ,you become beautiful
                                                                                Osho Rajnish
That's ME
(31 years old version of existence)
with my  SON
(31 Months NEW version of nature)

Step 2.    Take pride for being who you are ..

Yes .sound really easy . but most of the time ..we ( subconsciously/unconsciously ) condemn ourself based on our failures and inability to achieve few things  .

Well  , practically speaking ,we need to remind ourself life story of Steve jobs , MS Dhoni who also got many setbacks and still they were able to make significant change in this world by being original .

 But . .million dollar question is what if people in our surroundings don't like what we are and they reject us ?

Here lies the toughest part .
And you need to remember this

You can develop strength ,only against Resistance . 

And FOR the matter of fact, World is a big big place , if few people are not happy with your being , don't pay attention to them .

It's really biggest achievement of being original in this world ,where everyone is trying hard to make you like them.

And if you study biography of many legendary individuals like Gandhi , Sylvester Stallone ,Osho Rajneesh ,APJ Abdul Kalam ,you will find how they remain original to their nature irrespective of setbacks ,failures and opposition of many .

Well,you are not one of them..You are you ..

You are not going to be repeated again  .




  1. Great WriTing.
    Keep inspiring .
    Being Original:)
    A msg to be implemented

  2. Thanks for kind words ..these words contain lot of energy to push me to next step...cheers ..

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  4. U really make it easy every time sir,,being original and being oneself requires lot of courage. These lines do teach me a lot. Thank you.

  5. We are no one to decide what other people thinks of us. But we would always like if everyone around us thinks of us in a good way don,t we? Thats human and there is nothing wrong in it similarly there is nothing wrong in doing the way it is advised, if the advice is coming from the right direction.

    1. Well...When our state oh health and happiness becomes totally dependant on opinions of people's that's when we become imitative unconsciously ..Point is that we should be alert and not to be trapped ...

  6. We all are originals. Nobody can fake 24x7.